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Ready to turn your ideas into reality? Upload your designs and get instant quotes, lead times, and expert advice from CreateProto. We offer a wide range of over a dozen custom manufacturing processes, from precise CNC machining and 3D printing to rapid tooling and vacuum casting.

Custom Machining Plastic Parts
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Homepage Create Proto

Our On-Demand Precision Machine Manufacturing Services

Our precision engineering and advanced technology ensure impeccable results. Choose us for your custom CNC machining needs, where quality meets perfection. Experience top-tier quality for metal CNC Machining and fabrication services
Experience excellence with our quality Rapid and production Tooling solutions. Our advanced techniques, including custom 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, rapid injection molding, and custom CNC metal machining, and expertise guarantee precision and efficiency, making us your ideal choice for tooling needs
Obtain our superior custom 3D printing services, renowned for quality. Our advanced technology and expertise ensure precise results. Being one of the leading 3D printing manufacturers, we guarantee top-tier services that exceed expectations.
Experience excellence through our Vacuum Casting services, renowned for precision and quality. Our skilled team guarantees superior results. Don’t miss the opportunity to avail our top-tier Vacuum Casting

Our On-Demand Precision Machining Manufacturing Parts Services

Massive Capacity

At CreateProto, we have an instant production capacity with an array of capabilities for machining metal, aluminum, and plastic parts with high precision, from airplane engine parts to medical equipment to machinery components.

Instant Quoting

With us, it’s just a matter of clicks now. Get a customized quote for custom CNC machining and metal fabrication online from our Quick Quote tool. We will assess your parts design and get back to you with the estimated charges within 3 hours! You can choose the price and lead time easily now!

Industry-specific Experience

In the world of CNC production machining, we are the top CNC machining manufacturer providing the highest precision in plastic parts and metal machining. We design them perfect for different industrial sectors, from automotive to medical to aerospace, industrial, transportation, recreational, and even oil and gas sectors.

Quality Guarantee

We have our own factory that provides comprehensive precision metal and plastic parts processing services. All our parts and equipment are certified by ISO 9001:2015 and IATF16949. Whether it's injection molding, custom CNC milling, metal fabrication, or custom 3D printing, we ensure the development of your product design with the finest details. All manufactured parts come with full after-sales service (if parts do not meet standards, 100% rework or refund).

State-of-the-art Technologies

With CreateProto, you can create functional end-use parts for industrial applications, including automotive, medical, aerospace, and much more. Our engineers have the best expertise in machining metal, plastic, and aluminum parts, including exotic materials, using cutting-edge technology, such as 4-, 5-axis CNC milling, Swiss CNC machining, custom CNC milling and turning, and metal fabrication services. We strive to deliver precision with CNC machining every time.

Our custom CNC milling parts offer the look and feel much needed for industrial applications with maximum durability. With our metal CNC machining technique, we support thin features, complex geometries, and large parts.


How to Work With Us


Upload a 2D or 3D drawing

Before we start, select a manufacturing process- custom CNC milling, turning, custom 3D printing or metal fabrication, and upload a 2D or 3D drawing.


Design Analysis is Performed

After that, we will send you designs best for machining your plastic parts or metal ones, including DFM analysis, with real-time pricing just within a few hours.


Manufacturing Begins

Our CNC machining production will begin once you review our quotes and place your order. Also, you can receive finishing options from us for metal and aluminum machined parts.


Parts are Shipped!

With our digital CNC machining manufacturing process, you can rest assured about receiving your parts in just 5 days.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Createproto

Homepage Create Proto

Instand Quotation

Unleash the power of rapid prototyping with CreateProto, your one-stop shop for custom CNC precision machining manufacturers. Our expertise in metal CNC machining, plastic injection molding, and metal fabrication streamlines product development, optimizes your supply chain, and minimizes costs.

Get a head start in just 3 hours! Our intuitive Quick Quote platform provides instant pricing on approved designs for both metal and plastic parts. Our advanced digital manufacturing processes enable CNC precision machining production in over 40 certified materials with lead times as fast as 3 days. Simply upload your 2D CAD drawings or 3D CAD models, and we’ll provide a swift and accurate price estimate.

Powerful Manufacturing Capabilities

Powerful Manufacturing Capabilities

We have the ability to create and produce different types of plastic and metal parts in over 40 certified materials. Whether it’s machinery components, automoible parts, or medical equipment, you can have us as your trusted partner to design precise products. Our qualified and skilled CNC machining manufacturers use extremely state-of-the-art equipment, such as cutting-edge tools for robotic pad printing, ultrasonic welding, laser engraving, and metal fabrication services.

From product design to prototyping to production- Our team has years of expertise and experience in all the engineering disciplines and is highly knowledgeable in custom CNC machining and 3D printing services for various industrial sectors, including aerospace, medical, automotive, and much more. We also have the capability to source items for your components completion and perform inspections, assembly, and so on.

24_7 Engineering Support

24/7 Engineering Support

No matter what product design you want to get CNC machined, we are here to help you 24/7. You can get our support through emails within 24 hours and even reach out to us for any emergency through call, WhatsApp, or WeChat. With our 24/7 engineering support, you can improve productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing project downtime, whether machining aluminum, metal, or plastic parts.

Ready to Get Started with Your CNC Machining Production?

Whether you need to machine metal, plastic, or aluminum parts, we guarantee top-tier quality every time with our precision machining services.

Rapid Prototyping

Metal and Plastic CNC Machining/Milling

We, CreateProto, are the one-stop solution for machining plastic, aluminum, and metal parts. We have the perfect team of machining manufacturers to meet all your custom machining needs with our quick quoting platform, powerful plastic and metal CNC machining capabilities, and 24/7 engineering support from our in-house engineering design team.

We offer quick lead times and competitive pricing on custom CNC milling and turning, metal and plastic injection molding, laser engraving, ultrasonic welding, metal fabrication services, and much more. All our tools are ISO 9001:2015 certified. So, reach out to us today to get started, or request your quote right here!


Experts With a Broad Industry Reach

We have been serving clients in various sectors for over a decade, from medical to automotive to aerospace.

CNC Machining for Automotive Industry


We specialize in the automotive industry for designing and machining aluminum parts and metal and plastic components for different automotive applications using our rapid prototyping, custom 3D printing service, online metal fabrication, and low-volume CNC machining production. Our in-house team of CNC and 3D printing manufacturers and engineers ensures improved machining for plastic and metal parts and assembly through every step, from production to examination and testing of the physical prototype. We ensure supply chain flexibility with our rapid tooling, automated quoting of low-volume production parts, and quality digital inspections.

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With Rapid Prototyping (RP) and custom metal CNC machining for medical devices, we have opened a new door to surgical planning and simulation. Our experts reproduce an anatomical object, giving a realistic impression of complicated structures. We use multiple manufacturing technologies, including custom CNC milling, metal fabrication, and even custom 3D printing, paired with the right equipment, such as 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machining, rapid prototyping, injection molding, and more, to achieve customization, low-volume production, rapid prototyping, and complex geometries. We make complex design adjustments to cut development time and costs, such as low-volume production parts, within two days.

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In the aerospace and defense industries, we have set our footsteps. Our experts meet the needs of on-demand CNC machining production and streamline the supply chain with rapid prototyping. Thanks to our advanced technologies, including custom CNC aluminum machining, custom CNC milling, 3D printing services, and aerospace tools and fixtures, we can iterate designs faster, prototype final parts, and manufacture complicated geometries quickly. We use only AS9100- and ISO9001-certified machining and 3D printing technology to create parts with precision.

CNC Machining for Consumer Electronics Industry

Consumer Electronics

In the consumer electronics market, we strive to meet the demand for innumerable amounts of products and devices, even complex consumer electronics components, with our 3D-printed or machined prototyping technology and rapid injection molding for low-volume production to launch your products in the market quickly. Also, you can leverage our low-volume production capabilities for mass customization and end-use CNC machining production for common applications, including housing, lenses, switches, knobs, and so on.

Case study

CreateProto Making Customers’ Life Easier & Faster

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Rapid Prototyping: A Key Ingredient to Device Emergency Medical Products

A team of medical specialists and engineers initiated the development of the latest medical emergency device. They were severely challenged to meet the effectiveness and specifications. Createproto was one of the top CNC machining and 3D printing manufacturers that have successfully accomplished the purpose with rapid production of creating working models of products quickly and affordably. Overall, rapid prototype machining, including online metal fabrication, custom CNC milling, and custom 3D printing, have been observed as a perfect match for developing emergency medical devices.

  • Allows rapid creation of prototypes
  • Can deliver prototypes with a high accuracy rate.
  • Rapid prototyping can also be used to manufacture products of complex geometries.
  • It is a relatively affordable way to produce prototypes.
Crateproto Rapid Production Tooling

Significant Role of Rapid Prototyping for New Generation Surgical Robots

The evolution of the leading machining manufacturing company, Createproto has led to the development of a unique surgical robot that can be utilized to perform a plethora of minimally invested procedures. It is specifically crafted to be less invasive and more precise than traditional surgical methods. Createproto implements their exclusive rapid prototype tooling expertise to bring a dynamic transition to the system.

  • Test and refine latest surgical robot designs before continuing with more expensive and time-consuming manufacturing processes.
  • Can create custom surgical implants.
  • Build surgical models of patients’ anatomy for pre-operative planning and training.
  • A significant process to design 3D-printed anatomical models and medical devices for medical education and training.

A collection of articles and updates from Createproto

CNC machining is a great way to make plastic parts. It lets you quickly create many identical pieces with very precise measurements.
Hello, all! Today we will explore the fascinating world of CNC machining. If you’ve ever wondered how manufacturers create precise and intricate parts with incredible accuracy, you’re in the right place.
You know how vehicles are getting cooler and better every year? Well, one of the big reasons is the use of aluminum CNC auto parts. CNC here stands for – Computer Numerical Control and it’s a way of saying that these parts are made with super-precise machines controlled by computers.
The manufacturing world has introduced a new transformative and versatile approach to shaping raw metals to give them durable and intricate structures: CNC sheet metal fabrication.

Get answers to your questions

Our CNC precision machining and prototyping technology is the most considered subtractive process for machining aluminum parts for small batch production. Its application isn’t limited to automotive, medical, and aerospace industries but expanded to consumer electronics, oil, and gas sectors. We use the top techniques for custom CNC machining for different applications, such as functional prototypes, low-volume production, and fixtures and jigs.

With us, you can get instant quotes within seconds on machining metal and plastic parts. All you need is to upload your product design, and our experts will get back to you within a few hours. For the file formats, we accept a 3D CAD file from other CAD systems output in STEP (.stp), ACIS (.sat), IGES (.igs), or Parasolid (.x_t or .x_b) format, SolidWorks (.sldprt) or ProE (.prt) files, and even .stl files.

At CreateProto, we strive to meet all our clientele demands for low-volume production and rapid tooling in the aerospace, medical, automotive, and consumer electronics industries. We have a wide variety of machines available to produce parts and components with high precision, from lathes to presses, press bakers to 3D printers, custom CNC milling and turning, EDM, and 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machining.

If you are looking for a high level of precision and accuracy, you should definitely turn to custom CNC milling and custom 3D printing services. Its computerized controls generate even complex prototypes as quickly as possible affordably for a single product and small batches. You can rest assured about consistency, repeatability, and material versatility, including plastics, metal alloys, and wood.

Although we charge affordable for machining plastic, metal, and aluminum parts, the costs are determined by the complexity of your product design and material choice. The cost of CNC-machined components is directly proportional to it. The more complex a part is, the longer it will take to machine since there will be a higher number of setups and programming time.

CNC machining production includes CNC milling and turning process, which are the ideal techniques to provide accuracy and precision to your prototypes for any application. Its computerized controls create an exact replica of the product design from every angle. Moreover, you can get your CNC machined parts and components ready within a week, whereas other injection molding takes a few months.

Rapid prototype machining is the preferred option to design parts and components quickly while involving unique ideas, prototyping, and testing of the physical part using 3D CAD data as per clientele demands. It’s the best choice for short-run manufacturing of large parts in different industries, from automotive to aircraft and shipbuilding sectors.

Our custom machining and rapid prototyping services combine conventional and rapid tooling practices to create mold designs and produce model parts faster. At CreateProto, we use rapid prototype tooling in injection molding, high-speed CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and 3D printing to produce parts and components in thousands at a time across industries, which means less time and reduced production costs.

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