Cookie Policy

At Createproto, we prioritize safeguarding user privacy and protecting personal data to ensure a secure and seamless experience for users on our website, (“Createproto Website”). This Cookie Policy is an integral part of our commitment to personal data protection and privacy on the Createproto Website. We strongly recommend reviewing both our Cookie Policy and our personal data protection and privacy policy together. Createproto Website utilizes the cookies described below for understanding user behavior, displaying targeted advertisements, conducting analytical activities within the website, monitoring user habits, and enhancing our products. This Cookie Policy provides Createproto Website users with information about the types of cookies used and how they can manage their preferences.


Cookies are small text files that websites store on devices or network servers through browsers when you visit them. Servers associated with the visited website create cookies, allowing them to recognize your device when you revisit. It’s important to note that cookies do not contain personal data such as names, genders, or addresses.

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Cookies can be categorized based on purpose, placement, and duration:

Purpose of use: technical cookies, authentication cookies, advertising cookies, personalization cookies, and analytical cookies.

Placement: website cookies and third-party cookies (website cookies created by Createproto, and third-party cookies created by companies in collaboration with Createproto).

Duration: session cookies (deleted when the user leaves Createproto Website) and permanent cookies (may remain on users’ devices for varying periods depending on usage).


Createproto may use cookies on the Createproto Website for the following purposes:

Performing essential functions for the effective operation of Createproto Website, such as retaining products in users’ carts during visits.

Analyzing Createproto Website to enhance its performance, such as determining visitor numbers and making performance adjustments accordingly.

Improving the functionality and user-friendliness of Createproto Website, including remembering user names, search queries, etc., for returning visitors.

Conducting advertising activities, such as displaying ads related to users’ interests on viewed pages and products.


Createproto values the ability of Createproto Website users to manage their personal data preferences. However, some cookies are necessary for the operation of Createproto Website, and their preferences cannot be managed. Disabling some cookies may result in the loss of certain functions on Createproto Website.

If your browser allows, you can customize cookie preferences by adjusting browser settings. While the process may vary based on your browser, you generally have the option to (i) prevent cookie use by data owners, (ii) receive a warning before cookie usage, or (iii) disable or delete specific cookies. Note that you may need to set preferences separately for each device accessing Createproto Website.


Through this Cookie Policy, Createproto aims to inform Createproto Website users comprehensively about cookies. Users encounter a “cookie warning” on the Createproto Website, and by continuing to visit after closing the warning, they are deemed to consent to cookie usage. Users can change cookie preferences at any time.

Createproto has formulated this Cookie Policy in alignment with its stated objectives. We reserve the right to modify the provisions of this Cookie Policy at any time. Any changes, along with new policies resulting from modifications, become effective on the dates of publication on the Createproto Website.