3D printing technology helps toys development

In recent years, a kind of technology has quietly changed the toy design industry, that is, 3D printing technology. This technology can quickly shape toy design, quickly turn the creativity of toy designers and toy manufacturers into reality, and greatly enrich the toy design. Diversity and creativity can meet the various high-quality needs of the toy market. Although 3D printing is still in the developing stage, a small number of toy design companies have officially introduced this advanced technology.

Createproto 3d printing for toys

Printing technology is the most widely used prototype mold in the toy field, which is what we often say about toy samples. Because 3D printing has the characteristics of rapid prototyping, it can greatly shorten the product design to development cycle, and it is more refined than the mold, so that The prototype of the toy prototype can be as close as possible to the design drawings.

At present, 3D printing has not been fully applied to the toy industry. Only some toy design companies are equipped with 3D printing equipment, including Junyi Toy Design Company. Junyi Toy Design Company has introduced advanced 3D printing equipment. It is undeniable that 3D printing technology has helped Junyi Design overcome some shortcomings in mold design, achieve rapid toy prototyping, and shorten the product design cycle.

In this regard, Junyi Design does have a relatively large advantage over other toy design companies, because for most toy companies, the length of the toy development cycle can affect the strategic deployment of new products. Other companies seized the market earlier.

The problem that many toy manufacturers often encounter in toy development is that toy creativity is affected by mold development costs and cannot carry out diversified and multi-faceted thinking. As a result, new toys only dare to innovate under the premise of less difficulty in mold development. The design adopts 3D printing, which can make the toy rapid prototyping, and can also provide a small batch of toy reproduction. This is a very convenient thing for toy manufacturers to develop toys.

3d printing for toys