3D scanning tech applied in Automotive Industry

Application background

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, various brand manufacturers are competing for excellence, CNC processing, 3D printing, vacuum laminating, etc. have formed a huge industrial chain. The number of domestic cars in my country continues to rise, and consumers are paying more and more attention to the structure, quality and style of cars. In order to enhance the competitiveness of their products, automobile companies are carefully developing and designing more avant-garde, more creative, more comfortable, and more convenient car models that can satisfy the majority of consumers. In recent years, 3D scanning technology has been applied in the automotive industry.

Createprto 3d scanning tech


Prototype design

1. Prototyping process
a. Scanning of the whole vehicle sludge model
b. Model changes: headlights, grille, bumper
c. Refer to Benchmark for mainstream model design
d. Trial production workshop

2. Scanning of sludge model
Obtain high-quality modeling point cloud data to help designers quickly design A-level curved surfaces, and easily build models of car shapes and interiors.

3. The advantages of 3D scanning inspection
a. Built-in global photogrammetry system, more accurate measurement of large workpieces
b. Suitable for high-precision scanning, the highest accuracy is 0.020 mm
c. The maximum scanning area is 1440 mm × 860 mm, with high efficiency
d. Flexible switching of multiple working modes, no burden for scanning each part

3d scanning tech - Createproto

Process development
Develop the mold after finalization-prepare for mass production (mold profile inspection, sheet metal springback analysis, data backup, mold repair)