AMR equipped with robotic arm to realize CNC machine tool production automation

In the post-epidemic era, the wave of automation transformation of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises is coming rapidly. The leading companies of autonomous mobile robots and collaborative robots are actively seizing the market and gaining a foothold in the high-end transformation market. With the continuous improvement of enterprises’ demand for flexibility, composite robots integrated with autonomous mobile robots and collaborative robots have emerged rapidly and are widely favored by the market because of the unique advantages of not only replacing leg movement, but also replacing hand operation.

As a leading manufacturer in the autonomous mobile robot industry, Stand Robotics is also actively entering the field of composite robots, working with collaborative robot companies to create stable and reliable composite robot products, overcoming many industry problems such as perception positioning, recognition and grasping, integrated control, etc., and successfully A number of projects have been completed, leading the industrial development of composite robots.

Createproto CNC Machining 偗robotic Arm

In the case shared this time, customers in the CNC machining industry also took a fancy to the landing experience of STAND Robots, and have cooperated with collaborative robot manufacturers many times, and have mature implementation and deployment capabilities, so it takes a very short time to complete the automation this time. In the upgraded deployment project, after strict screening, STAND Robot was finally selected as the partner.

And the Stand robot did not disappoint. It only took 20 days from receiving the demand to conduct field inspections, to building the network, developing the central control system, and then to the commissioning of all 20 composite robots, and then stable operation and successful demonstration. The Stand Robot interprets [Stand Speed] with strength.

Createproto CNC Machining Robotic Arm

Background of the project

This case is an automation upgrade project for a CNC machining workshop. The customer wants to assist equipment operations in the form of AMR equipped with a robotic arm on site, realize the automatic loading and unloading of CNC machine tools, and achieve the reduction of factory manpower, guarantee the production capacity of the factory, and improve the level of informatization of the factory. Target.