The automation applied to CNC Machining improves product efficiency

Factory production automation is the mainstream of current industrial development. It is one of the most important ways to improve industrial productivity. Advanced industrial countries regard it as the center of industrial development. CNC machining equipment, such as CNC, still focuses on precision machining. The focus is on improving production adaptability, increasing the added value of production, and reducing machining costs and manpower requirements. However, CNC’s traditional production and processing methods are still limited by technical conditions and technological levels, and cannot independently and completely solve many problems in production, such as maximizing processing efficiency, intelligent monitoring of processing quality, flexible production, and unmanned production. Processing to reduce the impact of manpower demand, etc.

The automation applied to CNC Machining improves product efficiency Create Proto

Therefore, at this stage, CNC should combine automation technology and equipment supporting applications to jointly solve these problems in production. Increase the input cost of automation development in the CNC production process to reduce dependence on manpower demand, reduce labor intensity, and improve production efficiency.

Autotion eqipment improves CNC production efficiency

1, double-pallet CNC workpiece feeding system. The application of this system on CNC effectively reduces the non-cutting time of CNC without added value, and effectively improves the utilization rate of CNC spindle. The feeding system utilizes the double-supporting two-way feeding method to complete the synchronous cycle action of the finished product discharge and the feeding of the product to be processed, which can effectively reduce the valueless “non-cutting” when the CNC is loading and unloading the workpiece. Processing time. Double pallet feeding system, when the workpiece on one of the pallets is being processed in the CNC, and the other pallet is outside the CNC, it is necessary to disassemble the processed products and clamp the products to be processed. The double pallet feeding system effectively reduces the workpiece exchange time and expands the flexibility of processing operations through the cyclic reciprocating process of taking out the processed ones and replacing them in the process, and finally realizes the maximum utilization of CNC spindles.

For any type of workpiece exchange system, improving spindle utilization is the main goal. Through the double support plate type CNC workpiece feeding system, the utilization rate of the spindle can be effectively increased by 25% to 35%. At the same time, according to the product processing CT time, it can save nearly 50% of the manpower requirement.

2. The application of precision segmentation and clamping mechanism. The precision segmentation and clamping mechanism is used to cooperate with the CNC spindle to rotate to complete the processing requirements of the product at various angles. The realization of this mechanism is to reduce the process and auxiliary time. Axis processing method, that is, after the product is clamped on the CNC once, the workpiece is rotated through the mechanism, and the CNC spindle is used to complete the multi-process compound processing. Zui can finally realize the rapid processing of products, which greatly saves the time of tool change and adjustment of the CNC tool magazine.

The rotation speed of this mechanism is 90°less than 1s, and the automatic tool change of CNC tool magazine takes 3s. Therefore, under the condition of CNC program optimization, change the processing method, increase the rotation frequency of the mechanism, and cooperate with the spindle processing to reduce the number of tool changes , It can shorten the processing time of CT by 10%~20%.